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The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
March 17, 2019

WE ARE ENROLLING NEW CATECHUMENS into the Catechumenate next Saturday, March 23, before the Vigil.

MEMORIAL DIVINE LITURGIES are the next three Saturday mornings at 9 am. It would be a good thing to come to at least one of these Memorial Divine Liturgies. Praying for the departed is a form of giving alms. Bring pictures of departed loved ones if you wish and place on a table that will be set up in the middle of the nave.

THE NEXT CATECHUMENATE CLASS is Saturday, March 23, from 11 am – 12 NOON, following the Memorial Divine Liturgy that morning at 9 am. These sessions are recorded. The recordings are uploaded to our St Herman’s website YouTube channel. Click on the YouTube symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page to view them.

FR PAUL & PRESBYTERA wish to meet with catechumens who are being received into the Church this Lazarus Saturday (Apr 20) and their sponsors this morning during the coffee hour. We want to start nailing down the concrete specifics in preparation for Lazarus Saturday.

THE SUNDAYS OF GREAT LENT are served with the Divine Liturgy of St Basil, an earlier version of the Divine Liturgy than that of St John Chrysostom. It is the same except for certain prayers at the Anaphora (consecration of the gifts), which are longer and a different formulation of the same themes.

LENTEN VESPERS for ORTHOOXY SUNDAY (this Sunday) are served at St Mary’s Cathedral OCA at 4 pm. The MEOCCA Choir meets for rehearsal in the chapel downstairs at 3 pm. These Lenten Vespers are a wonderful “synaxis” of fellowship with other Orthodox Christians from other parishes. Note that St Herman’s hosts the MEOCCA Bridegroom Matins service on Sunday, April 21, at 4 pm.

PRE-SANCTIFIED LITURGY on Wed & Fri followed by Lenten Potluck. Maureen is in charge of these Lenten meals. Please consult the bulletin board downstairs for menu suggestions and for sign-ups to help or bring a dish.

ANNUNCIATION IS Monday, March 25. Note the unusual schedule of services for next Sunday evening and Monday morning. This is a most important Feast: it commemorates the beginning of the Incarnation.

CONFESSIONS during Great Lent will be heard generally 30 – 45 minutes before each evening service. To facilitate distributing our confessions more evenly, a sign-up sheet has been posted on the bulletin board downstairs. Please make every effort to give your confession before Palm Sunday, April 21.

LAZARUS SATURDAY is April 20. We will receive catechumens into the Church at the morning’s Baptismal Liturgy. That will begin at 8 am to accommodate the number of initiates. The Baptismal Liturgy will be followed by a pancake breakfast; and, that will be followed by a thorough Spring Cleaning of the Church to which all parishioners are invited!

ST GEORGE GOC hosts its annual Lenten Retreat on Fri-Sat, Mar 22-23. Details on the bulletin board downstairs.

TEENS, YOU'RE INVITED to the St. George Antiochian (in West St Paul) pan-Orthodox Lenten Lock-in on Friday, March 22nd at 6:30pm - Saturday, March 23rd at 9am. This is open to those in grades 7-12. We will attend Akathist at 7pm, have a Lenten discussion, and time for fellowship. This is free to attend, but you need to register here: . Please reach out to with any questions. 

ST HERMAN’S FOCUS assistance. Please see Miriam to participate in our St Herman’s efforts to assist FOCUS MN as they renovate and upgrade their new place to assist the needy. Non-perishable food items can be brought to the Church for transfer to FOCUS. Also, a team is being assembled to work on the new building as needed.

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Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
March 17, 2019

No one can enter into the heavenly Bridal Chamber without first making the three renunciations. He has to turn away from worldly concerns, from men, from family; he must cut selfishness away; and thirdly, he must rebuff the vanity that follows obedience.

St John Climacus, Ladder of Divine Ascent, Step 3.


There is such a thing as exile, an irrevocable renunciation of everything in one’s familiar surroundings that hinders one from attaining the ideal of holiness. Exile is a disciplined heart, unheralded wisdom, an unpublicized understanding, a hidden life, masked ideals. It is unseen meditation, the striving to be humble, a wish for poverty, the longing for what is divine. It is an outpouring of love, a denial of vainglory, a depth of silence.

Our mind is the instrument of knowledge, but it is very imperfect and filled with all sorts of ignorance. This is a fact that cannot be disguised.

Ibid., Step 4

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Sunday, March 24th
St Gregory Palamas
850 am "Synaxis" of St Herman's: Adult Bible Study & Church School
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