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The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
The Holy Fire from the Lord's Tomb in Jerusalem was brought to St Herman's and burns on our altar and on our "Golgotha" Table.
October 2, 2022

MANY YEARS to HIS GRACE, BISHOP DANIEL. He was enthroned as bishop of Chicago and the Diocese of the Midwest yesterday, Saturday, Oct 1, at the Divine Liturgy served at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago. An archpastoral letter from His Grace, Bishop Daniel, to the faithful of the Diocese on the occasion of his enthronement, is under the glass on the table in the narthex, and posted on the bulletin board downstairs.

WE COMMEMORATED ST ROMANOS the Melodist, together with the Feast of the Protection of the Theotokos yesterday. This gives us opportunity to explain that singing is how we pray in the Orthodox Church. We do not sing to entertain; we sing to pray; we sing to give expression to the soul’s longing for the Heavenly Bridegroom. Music is the language of the soul; it is the language of heaven; beautiful music stirs the soul’s longing for the beauty of heaven; it arouses her longing to cleave to the Heavenly Bridegroom, the only Lover of Mankind. We do not speak in the Church as we do on the street; we sing, we chant, to awaken our soul’s ‘erotic’ desire for the Heavenly Bridegroom; even to bring the Spirit of Christ to us. This requires someone to lead our singing who is musically competent, who knows the rubrics of the Church, and who is motivated by love for the Church, to help us sing, to pray as beautifully as we can and so allow our soul to cry out from her depths. We are blessed to have such leaders in Peter and Susanna. We welcome all who love to sing to become part of our choir. Our choir is not a concert choir; its purpose is not to entertain. The choir rehearses the prayers of the Church’s worship not to entertain us but to lead all of us in singing, i.e., in praying, as beautifully and lovingly as we can.

WE ARE MOST PLEASED to enroll Erin Livingston into the Catechumenate next Saturday, Oct 8, at the end of Vespers.

EACH QUARTER, St Herman’s collects donations for a designated charity. Our charity for this, the 4th Quarter of 2022, is FOCUS MN (Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve).

THE CATECHISM CLASS, open to everyone, is held on Wednesday evenings following the evening service, and Saturday mornings. The next Catechism class (class no. 3) is this Wednesday evening, Oct 5, at about 745 pm, following Vespers, which begin at 7 pm, and again on Saturday morning at 930 am. These classes are recorded and uploaded to our St Herman’s website. To view the recordings, click on the Resources tab on our St Herman’s website home page, then scroll down and click on ‘Uploads of Fr Paul’s Sermons/Classes.’

ST HERMAN’S BOOK CLUB meets next on Saturday, October 15th at 9 am at the Church.  Our current book is The Spiritual Life by St. Theophan the Recluse.  Please read through chapter 40.  Books are available in the St. Herman's Bookstore. All are welcome to join.

ST HERMAN’S MITTEL EUROPEAN DINNER returns on Saturday, Nov 5! Vespers at 5 pm, dinner, fellowship, wine, beer, and fun at 6 pm! This is an evening of warm fellowship with each other and with family, friends and guests. Gene (former parishioner, now in Duluth) does a really great imitation of a Guest Master Chef. He prepares his delicious Czechoslovakian goulash (marinated beef with spaetzle or sauerkraut). We provide the rest: salads, desserts, wine and beer, and guests—family, friends, neighbors. Tickets will be available for purchase ahead of time sometime soon. This is our dinner. We make it happen. Talk to Miriam to find out how you can help.

We acknowledge with gratitude a DONATION IN MEMORY OF RAY             Pregl from Ekatarina Knowlton: $1,000.

MEOCCA will serve the sacrament of Holy Unction at St Mary’s Romanian (189 Atwater St in West St Paul) on Friday, Oct 14, starting at 630 pm. All are welcome, especially those in need of physical or spiritual healing. Those whose strength does not allow them to attend the full service may at or just before 730 pm so they may benefit at least from the final prayer and anointing.

NOT ON ST HERMAN’S EMAIL LIST and wanna be, to receive Sunday’s bulletin and other parish notices? Just let Fr Paul know.

ORTHODOXY’S ESSENTIAL ELEMENT is the theme of St Mary’s Cathedral’s Fourth Annual Metropolitan Leonty Memorial Lectures in Orthodox Theology and Spirituality on Saturday, Oct 15, from 1 – 4 pm (30 min break at 215 pm). Guest lecturer is Dr Eugenia Constantinou, professor of biblical studies and early Christianity at the University of San Diego. She is also a regular contributor to Ancient Faith Radio, and the author of ‘Thinking Orthodox.’

THE MEOCCA YOUNG ADULT LEAGUE (for Twin Cities young adults 18 – 35, married or single) holds ‘Sever’s Fall Festival’ on Saturday, Oct 15, at 2 pm, in Shakopee. RSVP by Oct 9. Details posted on the bulletin board downstairs.

ST GEORGE GREEK Orthodox Church in St. Paul (1111 Summit Ave) is looking for a part-time administrative assistant. 20 hours per week. Job starts in December with training beginning in November. Click the link to see the full job description.

Submit resumes to Contact Fr. Perry Kallis with questions at (651) 222-6220.

MEOCCA WOMEN’S TEA is on Saturday, Oct 22, hosted by St Mary’s Cathedral, in the Parish Hall, 10 – 1130 am. Flyer with details is posted on the bulletin board downstairs.

PAN-ORTHODOX CHOIR of MEOCCA is moving its last rehearsal for this ‘set’ to this Friday, October 7, at 7 pm at St Mary’s Cathedral.

OCF, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, invites college students (ages 18-25) to come together at the annual Fall Midwest Retreat at the St Iakovos Retreat Center in Kansasville, WI, Nov 4-6. Students from North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa. Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas and beyond, will come together for a weekend of prayer, fellowship, and fun. Contact Anastasia Friesen, OCF Midwest Regional Student Leader, at for retreat details.

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Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
Portaitissa Miracle-Working Icon, Iveron Monastery, Mt Athos
October 2, 2022

… The principal thing among [those who would follow Christ] is continuance in prayer; but one thing is required, that a man should have treasure in his soul, and the Life which is the LORD in his mind, that whether he is working or praying or reading, he should have that possession which passes not away, which is the Holy Spirit.

As a man secures himself with regard to the outer man, so ought he to carry on strife and war in his thoughts. The LORD requires of thee to be angry with thyself, and to do battle with thy mind, and neither to consent nor to take pleasure in the thoughts of wickedness.

Nevertheless, to root out sin and the evil that is ever with us, this can only be accomplished by the divine power. It is not possible or within a man’s competence to root out sin by his own power. To wrestle against it, to fight against it, to give and receive blows, is thine; to uproot is God’s. If thou hadst been able to do it, what need was there of the coming of the LORD? As the eye cannot see without light, as a man cannot speak without a tongue, or hear without ears, or walk without feet, or work without hands, so he cannot be saved without Jesus, nor enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. If thou sayest, ‘In outward conduct, I do not commit fornication or adultery, I am not covetous; therefore, I am righteous,’ thou art wrong in this, thinking that thou hast fulfilled all. Sin has not only three departments against which a man ought to ensure himself, but ten thousand. Arrogance, presumption, unbelief, hatred, envy, deceit, hypocrisy, whence are they? Oughtest thou not to wrestle and strive against these in the hidden places in thy thoughts? If there is a robber in the house, at once thou art distressed; he does not allow thee to be at ease; thou beginnest to strike back; blows are exchanged. So ought the soul to strike back, to resist, to repel force by force.

What follows? By resisting and taking trouble and pains, the will begins to get the upper hand. It falls; it recovers itself. Sin throws it again in ten, in twenty conflicts. It conquers the soul and throws it; then the soul after a time in one engagement conquers the sin. If the soul perseveres and in no direction flags, it begins to have the best of it, to see through the enemy, and to carry off trophies of victory over sin. But if the man is strictly examined even at this point, sin still is too hard for him, until he comes to ‘a perfect man, to the measure of his stature,’ (Eph 4.13) and perfectly conquers death; for it is written, ‘The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.’ (1 Cor 15.26) Thus they will gain the upper hand, and be the conquerors of the devil.


St Macarius the Egyptian (4th cent.) Homily III


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